We are reaching the point where the first generation of users are moving on to bigger and better, and new team membars are picking up the mantle of Site Managers.

For them, I recently designed a four-hour (I hope) workshop covering the basics of building and managing an IEW site. This, along with the tutorials, the Fort Stewart videos, and advice available from many members of the team, should get you ready to operate your sites.

My plan is to present the workshop on any Tuesday as long as four people RSVP by Wednesday of the previous week.

Please contact me (Neely Snyder in the global) if you're interested.

IEW 101 Agenda


  • Log in, locations. Interface tour.

  • Editing text. Saving.

  • Linking. Uploading and Adding images and documents. File management.

  • Adding and wrapping blocks. The handiest blocks. Service Data Box. Wrap Anything. Spacer. Page List. List Files From Set. Slide Shows.

  • Using stacks and clipboard. Collapsible Stacks.

  • Tiered Menu Layout: How everything fits together.

  • Site map

  • Adding pages. What pages to add. Page types and automations. Leader/Leader Bio, Service, Guides, Phonebook, News.

  • Rules of the Road: Don’ts.

  • Managing pages and sites. Member requirements and training.