How to say Goodbye:

As the garrison web manager, one thing you must keep track of is when a member of the team departs. Members of your own office are easy to keep track of, but if you have multiple page managers or page contributors, you need to make certain team leaders let you know when personnel depart. As soon as they are no longer working on the page, deactivate the account (don't delete an account, ever) and send the departing individual a personal message letting them know (you can couch it in "thanks for your valuable service," "congratulations on your promotion," etc.). But be sure to include the fact that their account was deactivated and the date. CC IMCOM headquarters with the message. This will serve to notify the person, their supervisor(s), page manager, and IEW management -- and fulfil our requirement to track all user accounts.


The account is ticking...

If your accounts are set up properly, membership in user groups should expire every 375 days. If so, some of your users may have lost access to their sites. If this has happened, go to the member's profile in the Membership, delete the group from their membership list, then go back and make them a member again. This is your opportunity to remove users who no longer need access to the system  but somehow slipped through the cracks.


This is an asker:

Now that we require all garrisons to send copies of their user documents to headquarters, I am facing a registration backlog. here is a simple excel spreadsheet that matches the one where I keep the registration database. It would help if you fill out a line for each member and send it along with the other documents (DD 2875, certificates). Since we have been hammering you with requirements lately, I won't make this one. But I will be able to turn around registrations faster with this in hand.


And this is a reminder...

Again, we have two calls for DD 2875s going right now. The one with the closest (as in passed) deadline is for the Digital Garrison push notifications -- the part of the app that lets you send a message to your users even when the app itself is not open. We intend to make this integral to IEW; however, given the choice between waiting for full integration and making the capability available on launch, we chose the capability. Since you will need a separate login, we need separate paperwork for now. About 2/3 of garrisons are done. This message is to capture the stragglers. Any questions? contact Addison Cruver at (This messaage is a follow-up to Addison's earlier one.