Very briefly:chess.png

This affects the 22 sites not migrated.

Four sites have announced launch dates. Thank you. You are set.

Ten sites have been asked to go live by 15 March. Two are complete but waiting on leadership for launch dates. Eight more are so close they should be ready to go by the 8th at their current pace. 

Four can claim special circumstances. 

Four...we don't know the problem. They are simply behind.


Remember, the goal is full deployment by the end of March. Since 31 March is a

Sunday, we need put a bow on it on the 29th. 

Already, we proactively make minor fixes. We identify sites in trouble and double-down, taking instruction from the POC and transfering information from the legacy site until the new one is ready. As next week (and the following week) roll on, be ready for us to be more proactive and less collaborative as we stretch toward the goal.

The lesson here: Stay in touch and keep working on your sites. We are here for your success -- and that of our mission, our Soldiers and the Army.