Horizontal Rule

The Horizontal Rule block, below, is a standard bit of code included in every version of concrete5. Depending on the skin, it appears in different ways. In IEW, it simply provides a white line and much space. The block is between here...

....and here.

Now, see what it does in a dark box (the yellow line is part of the dark-box wrapper):

And that's Horizontal Rule.




Note: This whole section is wrapped in a white-box style.

Army Housing videos

Corpstruction - Wade Anderson on 35 years with USACE

May 29, 2024

Wade Anderson completed his last day as Chief Engineer and Dam Safety Officer on the California Mega Projects Office, Southwestern Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, May 28, 2024. Anderson sat down with the Corpstruction Podcast to discuss his near 35-year career, which began Dec. 26, 1989. He talked to Corpstruction about his assignments, the people who impacted him as an engineer and leader, and the changes he witnessed in USACE. Anderson is a graduate of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Okla. His major dam safety projects include the Prado Dam Safety Modification, Whittier Narrows DSM, Mosul Dam Rehabilitation, Pine Creek DSM, Canton DSM and Addicks & Barker DSM. Anderson served as the first Chief of the Dam Safety for the Dam Safety Production Center, SWD and oversaw the organization’s growth from 12 to more than 40 employees, and its transition from a branch in the Tulsa District to a Center in the Southwestern Division. Although Anderson officially worked for Southwestern Division when he retired, he was geographically located at the Tulsa District, and was fully integrated into the Tulsa District community. Essayons, Wade! Read full story

NH Jacksonville chosen as site in health care innovation

May 29, 2024

Naval Hospital (NH) Jacksonville is one of five military medical treatment facilities chosen to help the Defense Health Agency (DHA) design and implement a new health care model for military medicine. The goal is to change how patients access care and how providers deliver health care by shifting to a person-centric care model. This process will develop for the new few years, staff at each of the five sites will look for ways to improve and innovate. Read full story

Army & Air Force Exchange Service Prepared to Support Military Communities as Hurricane Season Approaches

May 29, 2024

With extensive infrastructure in place, @shopmyexchange is ready to support service members and their families ahead of the predicted busy hurricane season. Read more: https://wp.me/p9Q7PG-2GP Read full story