25279184703_3c360d6037_c.jpgFort Huachuca was the model for IEW sites. We copied from it to extensively. The developer intentionally used as much generic language as possible – directly quoting from regulations, for instance – to give those who followed her a leg up.

Used correctly, very helpful.

Used incorrectly, and Fort Huachuca gets to experience what it’s like to have the old phone number for the pizza shop.

This came up recently, when a new manager saw some Fort Huachuca links.

Angela Camara, Fort Huachuca PAO, writes, “Office[s] on Fort Huachuca get calls almost every week from garrisons as far as Camp Humphrey from folks who think they are calling their own installation because Fort Huachuca info has not been updated on their local pages. I transfer several ICE comments to other garrisons as well because their ICE links have not been changed to their local installation. I think I’ve had two or three in the last month.”


Here’s the request: go to the search on your site. Search on “Huachuca” and “520” (Fort Huachuca’s area code).

I’ll bet most of the pages you pick up have had no visitors since Nikola Tesla visited Elon Musk in a fever dream. It’s worse if they are popular pages – your visitors aren’t connecting with the services they need.

Do the right thing: Delete, edit, update.

I thank you.

Your visitors will thank you.

And I’m sure a lot of folks on Fort Huachuca would thank you, too.