With three weeks to go until the end of the extended suspense, here is what we on the Web team are planning:

Endgame update:


46 garrisons -- 70 percent of the total -- are now operational. Of the remainder, NONE are less than 30 percent complete.

In fact, seven are at or have surpassed 100 percent, and are adding material in anticipation of March 15. On that day, we anticipate at least 10 sites going live. If we have contacted you and not set another date, expect to go live.

The remainder have asked for extra time or are less than 80 percent complete. For these sites, the deadline is March 22. If you don't know where you stand, contact Jim or Shelby.

March 31, remember, is the project deadline. That's when IMCOM needs to put a bow on it. We hope we won't need that last week, but we want to be ready for it. With the strong performance we've seen  in the past two weeks, it looks like we'll make it.


"Tell them what they've won!"

Over the summer, site managers will start seeing the improvements we have promised Here's what we're working on for you

  • Work on functionality improvements, such as a revised Phonebook
  • Begin to field mobile apps
  • Update design issues, such as image slider caption, header, footer
  • Finish FISMA compliance
  • Publish comprehensive “owners’ manual” for sites
  • Establish Change Management Board
  • Link with EAMS-A to simplify login (and make sites available for editing outside the NIPRNET)
  • Upgrade Concrete5 software to latest stable version

Oh yes... and this:


Don't try to add it yourself. We'll do it as part of our upgrades.