By now, you should have a "hidden" page within your top level with the name "covid19-response." This is a page that will be linked to the Covid 19 button on the Digital Garrison app beginning June 17. By then, you need to go to your Sitemap, click on the page, select Visit, enter Edit Mode, and edit the Redirect block. On the destination page, select "Another Page," click the Choose a Page button, and use your site map to find YOUR CURRENT CORONAVIRUS PAGE. Save the block and publish the page. This was our idea to minimize the amout of work you have to do to get local pandemic information to app users.

If you haven't visited the professional resources available to you on https://home.army.mil/imcom/index.php/contact/webmaster-1 lately, consider this your invitation. I recently moved the meat of the content to the webmaster-1 page itself. Other changes include new categories for resources and big news ... you don't want to miss this ... wait for it ...

Yaaay. Just know that we're busy revising and now would be a good time to pick up some new copies. The geeky stuff will continue to the end of the 'graf. We got rid of 2a and 2b, moved the phonebook to 6. 1-4 and 6 are about the mechanics of the system, 5 and 7-10 are about management and standards. One final change will replace the GVS instructions in Tutorial 9 with a solid set of design standards.

Also available on Webmaster-1: a revised model DD 2875 chock full of pre-filled information and guidance goodness to help ypu capture the information you all and I need to maintain on our users. Again, headquarters and the garrison both need to maintain 2875s for all users. If you haven't sent the information, please do. We have a slight grace period before we start having to shut down undocumented accounts.

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