Things to Come in the Mobile App world



Call it a new Triple Entente:

IMCOM PAO, MWR/G9 and AAFES are now fully allied to produce a single mobile app for our installations. With "Digital Garrison" as its working titile, it will offer what we promised from our individual app, plus additional functionality that will make it valuable to our users.

By forming this alliance, we make best use of our resources. Building and maintianing a mobile app takes more than makig websites. They are little programs rather than documents, and when Apple or Google make a change in the rules,  developers have a lot of work to do.  AAFES brings a lot more resources than MWR or PAO could ever apply to the program.

Even with AAFES in the lead, we are sticking with the plan to pull our information from our websites -- All changes will be set to AAFES from IEW and be available almost immediately. You will not have to learn new systems.

The schedule, however, has changed. We don't expect pilot installations to have their copies of Digital Garrison until Thanksgiving, with full availability on the App Store and Google Play by mid February.

At a recent briefing, AAFES showed us some mockups. I'll leave you with those.