The apps are coming.

IMCOM PAO, MWR/G9 and AAFES are all working on apps to support garrison activities. We meet regularly with each other and leadership to forge a common solution. We also now report to a larger Command Action Team. This gives us more visibility -- and more oversight.

All developers agree that there should be only one download and one button -- effectively, one app, even if behind the skin there are two or three. If the appropriated and non-appropriated fund pages cannot work as a single app, we plan to distribute two apps with a common home page, with PAO owning some of the real estate and MWR owning the rest. Choose an "official side" asset, such as public works, and the PAO app will serve you; choose an MWR subject, such as bowling alley reservations, and you'll be in the MWR app.

Things are shaping up on both sides to provide a single "experience"; that is, instead of fielding 75 different downloads, there will be one item to download. When launched, the app will prompt the user to select a garrison, similar to selecting a city in a weather app. A Soldier moving from one installation to another won't have to download anything new.

Content placed in the garrison website will also appear in the mobile app. The app will not be a mini-website, but focus on the capabilities most useful in the format.

Features are not locked in, but should include

  • Push Alert and Notification System
  • Installation Phone Directory and resources links
  • Gate Locations and Visitor Access
  • Event Calendar
  • Child Care and Youth Resources Center
  • Hot-line and Emergency Numbers (Sharp, Suicide Prevention)
  • "Contact Us" Forms
  • ICE Comment Form

As we understand the capabilities, we will be adding to the FISMA/APMS/eMASS record, with a goal of Authority to Operate by the time we are ready to launch. "Our" version/module will be able to stand on its own, but also be prepared to integrate into the larger finished product. The underlying script is mostly complete, and we intend to start working with our pilot garrisons later this summer.