maintenance mode.png

BLUF: If you see this screen, your site is OK.

What you are seeing is the front page in Maintenance Mode. We give you your site with this setting on to prevent confusion with your live site while the new one is in development.

From your home page, just type "/index.php/login", and you will (should) end up at your login screen.

Log in, and you can edit away.fearmm.PNG

You will want to disable Maintenance Mode for two reasons:

  1. You want to check out or demonstrate what your site will look like once it is live. Alignments in the header don't work too well when you are logged in. Ten minutes or so  in live mode won't trigger Google.
  2. You are ready to go live and face the public

To enable or disable maintenance mode

Go to Dashboard --> System & Settings --> Access & Permissions --> Maintenance Mode.

Enabled, the world sees your cover sheet. Disabled, your site is exposed to the world.

Not scary at all.