Ready for the trick?

For your own peace of mind, NEVER cut-and-paste an internal URL.

Yes, the link box, once you browse to the File Manager or the Site Map and click on a selection shows an absolute address. Yes, it's tempting to bypass that process by pasting an address that already appears on the screen. 

But following the rules generates a relative url, no matter what you see in the box. And pasting generates an absolute url.

If you are certain you have followed the rules, try this:

1. go back in, delete the URL and follow the rules again. 


3. Try manually removing "[yourgarrison]/index.php" from the URL field.

4. Finally, log in to[yourgarrison] and clear the cache there. Remember, everything is temporary in there. Don't try editing anything else.

If 1 or 3 works, you might have pasted. If 4 works, you did not give the two sites enough time to synch. 

If none of the above works, you will probably have to try another block: A File block works every time. So does List Files From Set.