Did I use this meme correctly?

why.PNGMost of you should get the message here. In case you don't:

Please do not fool around with fonts, shapes and colors. Don't change the presets.

Your site wears a uniform. That uniform is derived from www.army.mil, with a couple of modifications based on the need for a greater variety of content or the limitations of our application. 

That design is "baked in" to IEW to the best of our ability, 

 Your artist's heart might cry out to replace a box with an oval. You might prefer burnt orange to Army yellow. Save it for your personal site. At this point, consistency is key. You can put that mental energy into things you can and should worry about, such as the content of the page, or the quality of the photography

IN this instance, someone wernt to great effort to change the social media icons in the header away from the supplied icons into something else. Not only did that person spend the extra time to break the design, he/she is now going to have to spend more time returning it to return it to the original.