We're finding the remnants of the three garrisons used to build the template in some of the live sites. Here's how to detect and hide or remove them.

Early on, we decided to make a template with a lot of content for our site mangaers to repurpose or delete. It was easier to edit than to start from scratch, went the reasoning. We (myself and other members of the Tiger Team) did go through the highest-level areas and made them generic, but much of the content continued to be specific to the three main sources: Leavenworth, Huachuca and Joint Base Lewis-McChord.


First, make sure the pages you want to hide are hidden. The simplest way to hide them is to go to the Site Map. Find the page and click on it. Select Permissions, then select Manual Permissions. Change the View permission from Guest to Site Manager or Administrator, You can drag and drop the Site Manager label from another permission. Then save.

Second, simply delete a page. In the Site Map, click on the page name and select delete. You have two chances to change your mind: The "Are You Sure" window and the Trash Can. If  you believe you have made a terrible mistake, in the Site Map, click on the Options box and Include System Pages. The trash will appear.


You can delete the entire contents of a set. Take advantage of this. Do you have a set named "Fort Chowder"? it's an artifact of some of our earliest iterations of the design. Ditto the "LM-" sets. In File Manager, select Advanced Search. Click on "Keyword" and a dropdown with different search criteria appear. Select Sets and choose the set you want to empty. Tab over to Settings. At the bottom, you can adjust the number of results up to 100. Run the search.

At the top of the page is a Select all checkbox and a down arrow icon that lets you choose actions to apply to all selected items. Select Delete.

"Are you sure?" the program will ask.

Give "OK" a reassuring click.

Those files won't haunt your pages any more.