Changes are coming to your site's footer. Here's a preview.

Try this on for size:

Starting later this summer, your footer will take on a cleaner, more modern look. The same links will be there, but in a horizontal, rather than vertical format. The material you put in column 3 -- the garrison column -- will appear first, followed by Army mandatory, then IMCOM/Army Materiel Command links. Finally, the graphic links will run across the bottom. We will also finish our transition to the boxed graphics introduced by IMCOM Europe.

Notice the logos. The Army logo appears at the top of every page, giving Army the prime real estate. Down in the footer, our senior command, AMC, is rooted to the left, and the IMCOM heptagon stands on the right.

This mockup isn't perfect. The font doesn't toe the line and  the design isn't graphically tight, but this shoud give you a measure of what's to come.

footer alone.png