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SOS and COVID redirects:

IMPORTANT: You will notice two new pages in your top-level directory. They should (or will) be hidden from navigation, so they won't appear on your site unless you want them to. However, they serve an important role in tieing your content to the Digital Garrison app. When the user of the app pushes the COVID Information or Survivor Outreach Services button on Digital Garrison, it will make a browser link to that address.

YOUR JOB is to go into the redirect block on those pages and set them to send users to your garrison Coronavirus response page or your garrison's SOS page (on the site).

The Coronavirus button, when the app launches later this month, will take users to the main Army coronavirus page, but in mid-May, this will switch to a link to the redirect pages. By then you will have had the time to make the redirect page forward users to your existing page.

The SOS page will be available on startup. All addresses are the same, so it is far easier to set up these links.

This is the first of many changes we will be making to coordinate content between the two apps.



Yes, we realize the push notification function currently resides in a non-IEW program. We needed to do this to deliver Digital Garrison on time with a full set of features. We intend to bring it back into the dashboard in later iterations.


THAT 2875, NOT THAT 2875

Yes, there are two different DD 2875 collections going on right now.

1. Permission to use the Digital Garrison Push Notification System 2. New rules for logging in to IEW requires headquarters (me) to get a copy of a 2875 for every person with permission to log in to IEW.


1. This is a one-time collection. Send your filled-in form to Addison Cruver.

2. This is part of a change of the rules. As far as the 2875 is concerned, you need to get a copy that includes partially filled-out fields on both the front and back. Users should fill out to block 20, initial the back, and send it to Neal Snyder