I have tried sophisticated systems for tracking tasks and follow up, but I haven't been able to maintain it. Here's the opposite: I'm simply going to post my to-do list online. If you have a question -- what doea a particular note mean or why a task is not on the list -- please email or call and I'll get back to you.



  1. Linking issue.
  2. FISMA for IEW -- The main task. Looking for assitance. Currently writing Privacy and Identity Protection plan.
  3. Develop a Critical Path document for Digital Garrison. Some of the actors contacted, others need to call
  4. AESD for IEW -- One phone number to call. Working
  5. EAMS-A for IEW -- Single sign-in from wherever you can sign in to CORE. Working
  6. Forms -- Still evolving
  7. FISMA for ISPs: waiting to define the scope of the problem. The goal is a single Authorization to Operate for commercial internet. Please contact your doctor before holding your breath for this one.
  8. Footerupdate
  9. BLOCKS: Service request form. Contact us. Finally move caption for front page rotator to bottom.
  10. Continue to fix vulnerable forms.
  11. Send TML to AAFES
  12. Fort Knox follow-up


Recent completions/changes:

  • FISMA for CCAT: Awaiting decision from higher echelons
  • Sent update of forms policy to IMCOM FMO