The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security directs and coordinates the installation garrison operations and Soldier training support activities while providing force protection, mobilization and demobilization / reserve component training support, force modernization, operational planning and emergency operations functions, in order to provide a focused training environment in order to support the Soldiers, Families and civilians of the greater Fort Drum community.


Divisions and Services:

Business Operations Division

The Business Operations Division provides management of directorate resources, information technology, human resources, organizational strategic planning, financial planning, analysis, and programming support.


Plans, Operations and Mobilization Division

The Plans, Operations and Mobilization (POM) Division is the hub for synchronizing installation operations and emergency planning activities. It is responsible for operating the installation operations center, disseminating critical information, and for providing daily status reports to higher headquarters as required. POM provides central tasking and coordination for tenant and non-tenant support, conducts training and exercises, oversees mobilization and demobilization, and executes contingency plans, force management, operational security, and antiterrorism / force protection functions while providing mission command during emergency and other designated situations.


Security and Intelligence Division

The Security and Intelligence Division’s mission is to advise and assist the commander in defining, coordinating, managing and executing Fort Drum's multi-discipline security program, including Personnel, Information and Industrial Security, Security Education Training and Awareness (SETA) supporting all garrison and installation tenants.


Training Division

Training Division’s mission is to provide the resources to Soldiers and leaders who provide a realistic Integrated Training Environment (ITE), which replicates the operational environment as closely as possible, so they can conduct the challenging and realistic training that makes them the best.

The Training Division accomplishes this by providing first-class training facilities, ranges, resources and support personnel. Each Training Division branch provides a distinct set of training resources, facilities and personnel that coordinate directly with leaders and Soldiers, in order to provide support that will assist units in achieving their training requirements from individual skills to division-level operations.


Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield Division

The Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield mission is to support Fort Drum / 10th Mountain Division (LI) requirements and overall strategic initiatives, manage airfield infrastructure and facilities, provide air traffic and flight following services, manage Fort Drum's airspace complex, and play a driving role in all aviation and air traffic activities at Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield (WSAAF) and Fort Drum, doing so with focused leadership, professionalism, and technical knowledge.


Contact Information:

Business Operations Division Chief

(315) 772-5103

Plans and Operations Division Chief

(315) 772-5642

Security and Intelligence Division Chief

(315) 772-4199

Training Division Chief

(315) 772-5413

Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield Division Chief

(315) 772-4480