LS 1.jpgLincoln Elementary School was completed in 1952 and originally served both elementary and middle school students of Fort Campbell. The school is a one-story T-shaped floor plan with a concrete foundation, built-up flat roof and brick veneer walls. By 1969, with the construction of other schools on post, Lincoln was a converted to only provide for students through grade 5. 

Lincoln Elementary School is historically significant as it was the first school constructed in the United States under the sponsorship of Public Law 81-874, Section 6. This law provided federal funding for schools for military dependents when an alternative free public education was not available. At that time, Southern public schools had not integrated. Because Lincoln Elementary School was constructed after the integration of the military in 1948, the school was never intended to exist as a segregated facility. The first year it held classes, the Lincoln was listed in the 1952-1953 Kentucky Public School Directory as having both black and white students. This was two years before the passage of Brown vs. Board of Education. As such, this school is likely the first constructed integrated school in Kentucky. 

Lincoln Elementary School is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places under Criterion A for its association with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of history. The full evaluation report can be viewed here. Classes are no longer held here, however the building will soon house the Department of Public Works.

Lincoln Elementary School Location