Childers.gifThis Colonial Revival style house was built during the years 1938-1939. The Childers House was constructed by James Glenn Childers who purchased the property in 1931. He was a wealthy man, building the home for $50,000 during the Great Depression. Despite his wealth, Childers deliberately dressed down to appear to be an ordinary farmer rather than someone from the upper class. The house was only occupied for two years before the US Government took ownership of the property to build Fort Campbell.

The Childers House is located along Mabry Road in what is now the Small Arms Impact Area. Over the years, the house has been used by the Army for various purposes which has not compromised its architectural character. The property is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places under Criterion C because of the character retention. The full eligibility assessment can be viewed here.

A video walkthrough of the Childers House is available below.