The Plans Branch develops, coordinates publication and implementation of short and long range planning consistent with our Senior Commander, IMCOM, and NORTHCOM mission and OPLANs goals and guidance. We solicits input to OPLANs from subject matter experts internal and external to the Garrison Command and conduct in-progress reviews of OPLANs CONPLANs with senior management and project officers to ensure compliance with established goals and objectives prior to execution.

Core CompetencieS
  • Develops, coordinates and maintains emergency management plans
  • Synchronizes future plans with operational requirements, incorporates installation programs i.e. Antiterrorism, Emergency Management to the installation Protection Program
  • Maintains professional relationship with local, state and federal agencies to ensure proper execution of any SECDEF or POTUS directed support to FEMA led operations
  • Coordinates and submits quarterly DRRS-A report


Plans Branch Telephone Listing


Position   Telephone
Emergency Manager   (520)-533-0070
Emergency Planner   (520)-533-2292
Antiterrorism Office   (520)-533-6995