Mission Statement:To synchronize operational resources, plan and implement Crisis Management Response Operations, and provide base support through Training, Operations, Security, and Antiterrorism for our military and civilian community. (On order, follow the Sustainable Readiness Model (SRM) to ensure Reserve Components (RC) units are continuously prepared to support national security objectives and the Global War On Terrorism)

Vision: To maintain the highest state of readiness standards and provide the best base support operations by promoting a safe and secure environment to the Fort Buchanan military and civilian community.

Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS): Directs, coordinates, synchronizes, and integrates Installation current & future operations, emergency planning activities, force modernization, operational planning, and the Antiterrorism Program.  Serves as the tasking agent for the Garrison Commander.  Provides Personnel Security Services and Training Support Activities for the Military and the Civilian Community.

Core Capabilities

Provide mission command for emergency management response and consequence management operations

  • Current and Future Operations
  • Training: Military and Civilian Personnel
  • Emergency Management / Hurricane Preparedness / IOC
  • Antiterrorism Program
  • Personnel, Information and Industrial Security, Security Education and Training Awareness Program (SETA)
The Plans and Operations Division is the heart for the synchronization of current & future operations, emergency planning activities, force modernization, operational planning, and the Antiterrorism Program. Serves as the tasking agent for the Garrison Commander.
The Security Division provides personnel security (PERSEC) administrative support and security clearance processing for all unit/organizations installation-wide. Provides guidance, advice, assistance, and oversight for the information security program for garrison activities and oversight for all tenant units and activities. Provides continuous security awareness education and training for all units and activities. On order, Executes industrial security management and oversight responsibilities for classified information. Provides intelligence to Force Protection. For Law Enforcement call (787) 707-3337 or visit Directorate of Emergency Service (DES)
The Training Division plans, develops, and manages the Installation’s Training Program to include the Military and the Civilian Training Program. Manages ATRRS, training ammo, and training areas and facilities. Further, maintain, issue and receive Army Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations (TADDS). Provides Instructor Operators training to all Active and Reserve Component units as well as Federal government agencies. Additionally, provides graphics and DA photo services.