The Resource Management Office (RMO) is responsible for updates on services and the following financial-management programs: programming and budgeting, manpower management, management accounting, internal controls, support agreements, contract management support, service contract approval (SCA's) Government Travel Card Program (GTC) and Defense Travel System (DTS).


Mission Statement

The Resource Management Office (RMO) provides dynamic and professional resource management services both budgetary and manpower to the U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Fort Buchanan Soldiers, Civilians, Family Members, Retirees, and its Community Stakeholders.



To ensure equitable, efficient, and effective management of the installations budgetary and manpower resources used to support the mission, improve infrastructure, safeguard the environment, and preserve the well-being of all. This is accomplished by thorough analysis, planning, evaluating, and execution of programs and budgets while complying with all fiscal laws, regulations, and audit readiness standards. The RMO receives and interprets appropriate budget and resource data to the USAG Fort Buchanan Commander to support sound resource decisions for the future.