"Antiterrorism is a Team Sport"

As the logo above states, “Antiterrorism is a Team Sport.” It truly is a collaborative daily effort as our Security Professionals tirelessly work to protect the Fort Buchanan family.

Analysis, collecting, and disseminate threat related information

Manage the installation defense in accordance with mandated FPCON

Host and conduct meetings with civil-military partnership to combat and defend against known threats and weapons of mass destruction


  • Establish an Antiterrorism Program - Planning , Resource Management, AT Exercises, Program Review, Risk Management Process
  • Antiterrorism Plan (Annex to Emergency Management Plan)
  • AT Working Group and AT Executive Committee
  • Terrorist Threat / Incident Reporting
  • Collection, analysis, and dissemination of threat information
  • Assess and reduce critical vulnerabilities
  • AT awareness for Soldiers, civilians, and Family members
  • Maintain defenses in accordance with FPCON
  • Establish civil/military partnership for terrorist incident crisis

Antiterrorism/Force Protection Telephone Listing

Position   Telephone
Antiterrorism Officer   (787)-707-3393