Located in the Metropolitan area of San Juan, Fort Buchanan can experience natural disasters, which include flash floods, severe weather storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Our region could also faces possible disruptions to transportation and utility systems; airplane accidents; hazardous material spills; criminal and terrorist incidents; and the spread of contagious disease.

In order to maintain readiness and ensure the well-being of our Soldiers, civilians, retirees and their families, we all need to be prepared to respond to all possible emergencies. Disasters can strike quickly and without warning. What would you do if basic services—food, water, gas, electricity, medical care, telephones—were cut off?

Emergency Preparedness means being prepared for all kinds of emergencies; being able to respond in time of crisis to save lives and property; and to help your community return to normal life after a disaster occurs.

Core Competencies
  • Prepare the installations for multi-agency, multijurisdictional emergencies
  • Provide comprehensive protection for all personnel against all natural, technological man-made, and terrorism hazards
  • Sustain critical operations during an emergency
  • Maintain and/or restore essential operations and essential services post-incident
Emergency Warning and Notification on Fort BUCHANAN

Under certain situations there may be a need to release timely and accurate information to the post concerning emergency preparedness, response and recovery in a cooperative approach with the media. Information will be disseminated or available through a variety of mediums. Monitor the following during emergency situations for the most current information:

  • Mass Notification System (MNS)
  • Desktop Alert
  • Unit and organization telephone and email alerts