Department of Defense

Ms. Shelley Verdejo, Commission Director, 703-697-9339

Department of Defense

Mr. Tom Blair, Commission Deputy Director, 703-695-8823

Chief, Integrated Defense Policy Division

Col Christopher M. Sheffield, USAF Commissioner, 571-256-5070


Lt Col Farmer
USAF – Back-up to COL Sheffield

Head, Law Enforcement, Investigations and Corrections Branch (PSL)

Lt Col Bernard Hess, USMC Commissioner 760-725-8982

Law Enforcement Division Office of the Provost Marshal General

Mr. Jon Cookson, US Army Commissioner, 703-614-3324

Chief, Physical Security, Law Enforcement

CWO-05 Luis Martinez, US Navy Commissioner,703-695-5526

Chief of Police, Pentagon Force Protection Agency

Chief, W.G. Kusse, PFPA Commissioner, 703-614-1696

Law Enforcement Program Manager

Maj Glen Conklin, DIA Commissioner, 202-231-8562

Law Enforcement Program Manager

Ms. Rotanda Yarbrough, DLA Commissioner, 571-767-1578

Chief, Support Services Division

LtCol Leslie Fambrough, NGA Commissioner, 314-676-1464,

Law Enforcement Program Manager

Mr. Craig Lustig, NSA Commissioner, 301-688-7721


Defense Health Agency


Mr. Corey Stuart (Interim Commissioner) Security Branch Chief (703) 681-8521
*A new Commissioner will be appointed replacing Mr. Stuart. 
POC, during the transition: 
Mr. Scott Legge Security Guard Program Manager, Antiterrorism/Physical Security
Defense Health Agency Administration and Management (J-1) Security Branch
7700 Arlington Blvd, Room 1SW117 Falls Church, VA 22042-2902
Office Phone: (703) 681-7291

DODPOST Executive Secretary

Chief, Office of Accreditations and Credentialing

Mr. Jansen S. (Scott) Cheek, Executive Secretary, 573-563-8144