14030 MsCoE Loop Suite 1089 ATTN:  OAC Fort Leonard Wood Pulaski County/Missouri 65473 USA

Business Operations

  The DODPOST Comission meets twice annually to examine and determine new and improving best practices that can be used across all servcies and agencies.  All of the more than 120,000 police officers, security guards, criminal intelligence analyst and misdemeanor criminal investigators are subject to the rules and directives prescribed by the Department of Defense that are outlined in different instructions. Our service Major Criminal Investigative Organizations (MCIO) like US Army CID, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, US Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and Defense Criminal Investigative Service are not subject to rules and directives of the DODPOST.
Tel: 573-563-7678 Tel: 573-563-80XX Fax:573-563-5938
Day-to-day operations are worked and managed at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.   Our location is nearly in the center of the US and is accessible via plane through St. Louis to FLW or by car by way of Springfield, MO Airport.   The OAC works to manage institutional accreditations for the US Army Military Police School (USAMPS), while also managing credentialing for all Army Corrections professionals, CID Special Agent Crime Scene Analysts and all involved in Security credentials. 
Law Enforcement Center of Excellence  

Hours of Business

  The action arm of the DOD POST Commission is the Office of Accreditation and Credentialing and is closed on all National holidays and open as follows: 

Monday                                                                              0700 - 1630
Tuesday                                                                              0700 - 1630
Wednesday                                                                         0700 - 1630
Thursday                                                                             0700 - 1630
Friday                                                                                  0700 - 1630
Saturday                                                                              Closed
Sunday                                                                                Closed

   Central Time Zone (Lunch:  1130-1230)