The Garrison extracts drinking water from on-site wells and then filters and distributes it throughout the Garrison. The Directorate of Public Works (DPW) regularly samples and analyzes drinking water for more than 150 different parameters such metals, organic compounds, pesticides, bacteria, radionuclides, etc. Drinking water analytical test results are available upon request.

Water Conservation – Do your part and implement the following practices:

  1. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, shaving, lathering your hair, etc.
  2. Use cold water in lieu of hot water whenever possible.
  3. Use the washing machine, dryer and/or dishwasher only when they are full.
  4. Dry your clothes on a line rather than using a dryer.
  5. All leaking faucets, or appliances should be reported to the DPW, Operations and Maintenance Division or your landlord immediately. A faucet dripping at the rate of one drop per second will waste 3000 gallons of water per year.