OCONUS Allowances

Soldiers in Vicenza and Camp Darby receive monthly allowances based on rank, housing, dependents, and jump status.

Overseas Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) Click here for current rate

  • COLA helps offset higher prices of goods and services overseas. All Soldiers will receive COLA. The rate is based on rank, length of service, and number of dependents (up to 5). Soldiers in barracks receive a reduced COLA.

Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Click here for current rate

  • OHA is only provided to those in private rentals. This rate fluctuates monthly based on the exchange rate. It has 3 components: rental, maintenance, and move-in allowances. See a detailed breakdown of OHA.

Parachute Duty Pay (Only Eligible Soldiers) Click here for current rate

  • This rewards Soldiers for continuing to perform parachute duty. Soldiers with current jump orders receive jump pay.

Family Separation Allowance (FSA)Click  here for current rate

  • FSA compensates Soldiers for added expenses incurred in the event of a forced family separation.
What’s the value of your dollar?

Participate in annual OHA surveys in May and COLA surveys (every 3 years) in October at USAG Italy. Your answers decide future allowance increases or decreases!

Check Orders for Tour & Family Travel

Some allowances depend on the type of tour your Soldier will serve and the type of family travel that is authorized.

Accompanied Tour (with dependents)
Concurrent Family Travel EuropeBAHOHA¹COLAFSA
With SoldierNoYesYesn/a
Within 30 days of SoldierNo²Yes³Yes³No
Deferred Family TravelBAHOHA¹COLAFSA
31+ days after SoldierYesYes³Yes³Yes¹¹
Unaccompanied Tour (without dependents)
"All Others" Tour
Elected by SoldierYesYes²²Yes²²No
Elected by Soldier due to denial of Command Sponsorship of familyYesYes²²Yes²²Yes³³

¹ OHA is only for Soldiers in private rentals; begins as of move-in date.
² BAH ends as of Soldier flight date, regardless of family travel timing.
³ Soldier will receive “without dependent” rate until family arrives.
¹¹ FSA is paid in full upon family arrival overseas. From date of family travel authorization, FSA will end when family arrives or in 60 days.
²² Soldier will receive “without dependent” rate.
³³ FSA will be paid on monthly basis only if CS is denied due to EFMP.

NOTE: Unaccompanied Soldiers ≤E6 will reside in Barracks until family arrives, ≥E7 will get TLA and search for Housing. This can varry for Camp Darby soldiers and airmen. Contact your sponsor for more information.




Travel Allowances: Keep the Receipts!

During in-processing your Soldier will fill out a Travel Voucher for certain reimbursable expenses. Funds are direct deposited in 10 days to GTCC or bank account.

Submitted on Travel Voucher

Dislocation Allowance (DLA) Rate: DLA covers part of the cost of moving. DLA is based on rank and dependents. Soldiers in barracks don’t get DLA. Click here for current rate.

Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE): TLE reimburses up to 5 days of CONUS gov’t lodging & meals within vicinity of current duty station during a PCS. Click here for current rate.

Meals & Incidentals (ME/I): You’ll get 2 days (flight day & arrival day) of ME/I. Soldier, Spouse and Dependents 12+ receive 75% of ME/I rate. Dependents under 12 receive 50% of Soldier’s ME/I. Click here for current rate.

Reimbursable Expenses (Check with TMO for details): Reimbursable expenses include flights, mileage and tolls to go to airport or ship POV, or approved excess baggage fees. Keep receipts. Expenses associated with rental cars or pet travel (vet, pet hotel fees) are not reimbursed.

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) Rate 

TLA reimburses Soldiers for OCONUS gov’t lodging and meals during a PCS. TLA is a separate reimbursement based on paperwork submitted to Finance or on-post Inn (Vicenza) /Casa Toscana (Camp Darby). Click here for current rate. 




If your family needs financial assistance to help pay for travel expenses before your Soldier is reimbursed, check out these options:

Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC)

All Soldiers on official government travel will be issued a GTCC through their gaining unit for permissible expenses (see Appendix G of JTR Regulations) while on official travel orders. GTCCs may not be used while on leave status.

GTCCs have no interest for 60 days. Unpaid GTCC bills have a $29 late fee and can impact a Soldier’s personal credit score. Consult the unit’s travel card manager for details.

Army Emergency Relief (AER ) Visit ACS for info

AER can provide financial assistance to Active Duty Soldiers, retirees, and their spouse and dependents for relocation travel, funerals, car repair, utilities, medical care, etc. Visit AER at ACS for info. Assistance includes:

  • Interest-free loan (monthly repayment required)
  • Grant (no repayment required)
  • Combination of interest-free loan and grant
Base Pay Advance

Review all options before taking a PCS pay advance. Within 60 days of arrival, Soldiers may qualify for an advance of  up to 1 month of disposable pay (after allotments, taxes, and deductions). This must be paid back within 12 months.




Soldiers authorized TLA must sign-in upon arrival and submit paperwork for every 15 nights of lodging to be reimbursed for meal and/or lodging costs.

Off-Post Lodging TLA Reimbursement

Do not pay hotel taxes other than the city tax of ~2€ per person per night for the first 5 days.

  1. 15-night Statement of Non-Availability from Ederle Inn/Casa Toscana: This is required to stay in off-post lodging. You must return to Inn/Casa Toscana every 10 days for new SNA.
  2. Give a copy of the SNA to your off-post hotel.
  3. Hotel Payment: Pay every 10 nights. Bill must show zero balance. Dates on Hotel bill (“fattura”) and receipt must be same as Statement from Inn/Casa Toscana.

    NOTE: Request to pay in Euros, not U.S. Dollars. Hotel fees and exchange rates are not favorable.

  4. Housing Memo: Bring PCS Orders, Statement of Non-Availability and paid hotel bill/receipt to Housing Office to get Housing Memo.
  5. Finance Office: Submit Orders, original SNA, hotel fattura and payment receipt, Travel voucher, and housing memo to CPF Finance Office. Ask for copies of all documents and keep them until you are fully reimbursed (you’ll need proof of payment if incorrectly reimbursed).
Ederle Inn/Casa Toscana TLA Reimbursement

TLA forms are required to be paid per diem (meals) and for Finance to pay the Inn/Casa Toscana directly for your lodging.

  1. Orders & TLA Cover Sheet: At check-in, give Inn/Casa Toscana a copy orders and fill out TLA Cover Sheet. On Sheet, the Inn/Casa Toscana will write your lodging dates (up to 10-night increments). Your Soldier must sign Cover Sheet.
  2. Housing Approval: Take the TLA Cover Sheet to Housing for their signature of approval.
  3. Submit Paperwork to Ederle Inn/Casa Toscana: Submit signed TLA forms to check-in desk at Inn/Casa Toscana. Initiate new TLA form for the next 10-nights (or less).

NOTE: On a weekly basis, Ederle Inn/Casa Toscana submits TLA paperwork to Housing who then authorizes its release to Finance which processes and issues TLA reimbursements. If receipts are processed by 20th of month, your Soldier may be reimbursed as soon as next month’s pay period.