Medical In-Processing

Whether you are military, civilian, or contractor, you should attend to medical in-processing brief at the CPF, classroom 3, every other Thursday at 2 p.m. The Vicenza Army Health Clinic also offers a Medical Benvenuti class for newly arriving personnel to raise awareness of health care at the clinic and in Italy. 

Camp Darby Liaisons:

  • Patient Liaison/Interpreter Phone: DSN: 633-8346 Comm:  050-54-8346
  • After Hours Phone: +39 335-737-5124 or +39 335-832-6778
  • Email for Appointment Assistance click here


Civilian Health Care

Army civilians, DoDEA teachers, contractors and family members rely on the Italian community to provide health care services.  USAG Italy has a community working group that maintains a civilian health care website to provide information and resources to understand and access services in the community.