About Us

The Inspector General serves as an extension of the eyes, ears, voice, and conscience of the Commanding General. We are fair, objective, and impartial fact-finders and problem solvers. Our office assists Soldiers, Family Members, and civilians to resolve issues of concern, impropriety, or wrongdoing. We resolve cases based on facts.

Anyone has the right to speak to the Inspector General. The right to make a complaint without fear of reprisal is the right of any Soldier, Civilian, or Family Member seeking IG Assistance.

Before Requesting Assistance

Give your entire chain of command the chance to solve the problem (s) first. This includes everyone from the Team Leader to the Commanding General. Determine if there are established redress channels for your problem. Provide relevant information and documentation to support your case. Be honest and do not provide misleading information.

Requesting Assistance

You are not required to make an appointment to see the IG. Our office can take complaints in person, over the phone, and through email. Once you speak to an IG, the IG will determine if you case is IG appropriate. If it is IG appropriate, we will ask you to complete a DA Form 1559 and provide further instructions. If your case is not IG appropriate, we will assist you with finding the appropriate method to resolve your issue.