As part of the garrison commander’s executive staff, the Plans, Analysis, and Integration Office (PAIO) provides holistic management analysis to the Fort Drum installation. PAIO focuses on innovative enterprise-level solutions for strategic planning, continuous process improvements, and performance management to provide leaders with decision support, optimization of resources, and realization of efficiencies.


Major programs include:

  • The Annual Commander in Chief's (CINC) Award for Installation Excellence                                             
          and Army Communities of Excellence (ACOE)

  • Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP)

  • Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)

  • Installation Status Report (ISR)

  • Strategic Planning


The staff also:

  • Captures data in support of Fort Drum population report

  • Completes an annual direct economic impact statement, which incorporates Fort Drum integration into the local community through the expenditure of our resources

  • Facilitates partnerships with the local community for engagements, business transformation, and strategic operations

  • Provides support to the command through facilitation, integration, and/or management analysis of special projects or operational requirements

  • Manages the Fort Drum Suggestion Program as part of DRUMInnovation


PAIO is a forward-thinking office looking to carry relevant, sustainable processes and operations into the future.



Organizational Structures Analysis:

Provides overall integration, planning, monitoring, and coordination of transformation initiatives, and/or stationing actions.  This service provides senior and garrison commanders with the tools and data necessary to effectively capture requirements and cost, and then monitor and report unit movements as necessary and directed.


Strategic Planning Support:

Provides a three- to five-year management tool that aids in the alignment of resources to valid installation requirements and/or initiatives and moves the garrison toward mission and goal achievement. The strategic plan and supporting action plans, along with the Integrated Priority List (IPL), ensure that installation resources and efforts are applied against missing requirements, established goals and objectives, and the senior commander’s enduring priorities.


Integrating Operations:

Facilitates intra-agency and/or cross-functional issues through integrated operations; facilitate the development of plans and actions in support of senior commander- and/or garrison commander-directed actions and/or requirements; and develop products for external stakeholders such as local, state, and federal agencies. Our partners include Development Authority of the North Country, Jefferson County Economic Development, Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency, Greater Watertown Chamber of Commerce, Jefferson Community College, Tug Hill Commission, Board of Cooperative Educational Services and Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization.


Organizational Performance:

Measures and evaluates garrison and/or installation performance against baseline standards as established by Installation Status Report (ISR) and/or other applicable laws and directives.


Change Management and Organization Improvement: 

Provides a systematic and codified methodology that facilitates business transformation (organizational change), cost management, and continuous process improvement initiatives (e.g. local suggestion programs, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model, or Lean Six Sigma (LSS)) throughout the installation.  Intended to provide the commander with the capability to develop or strengthen the systems, processes, or tools that support the 13 categories found within the Commander in Chief's (CINC) Annual Award for Installation Excellence Award (Best Garrison competition). Manages the DRUMInnovation Program: A repository to promote the sharing of innovative ideas and solutions across the installation. Promotes a culture of empowerment at all echelons to creatively solve problems and improve the organization. DRUMInnovation is the “umbrella” for all innovation and process improvement. Publishes the monthly “Drum Beat” newsletter.


Customer Service: 

Manages and facilitates the garrison Customer Service Excellence (CSE) program using the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) system and other locally generated products and/or initiatives.  Entails using available systems to capture, store, and analyze Voice of the Customer (VOC) feedback in order to identify positive and negative trends, drive continuous improvement, identify best practices, and make service delivery adjustment and/or change recommendations to most effectively and efficiently meet the needs of the customers. Manages the Fort Drum Suggestion Program as a sub-component of DRUMInnovation.


Contact information:


PAIO Chief

(315) 772-8263

Management Analyst
(ISR, Economic Impact Statement, Drum Beat, DRUMInnovation)

(315) 772-5645

Management Analyst
(ASIP, ICE, Post Population Report, Demographics, Suggestion Program)

(315) 772-0728

Strategic Planner (Strategic Plan, CINC's Award, Community Integration)

(315) 772-1965