The mission of the legal assistance program is to assist eligible individuals in a timely and professional manner by meeting their needs for information on personal legal matters and resolving their personal legal problems whenever possible.


Persons eligible to receive legal assistance:

Active Component members and their families.

Reserve Component members who are serving on active duty for more than 29 days, and their family members;

Retirees who are receiving military retirement and their family members;

Surviving family members who would be entitled to legal assistance if the service or retired member were alive.

DoD civilians (a) against whom pecuniary liability has been recommended under AR 735-5 or (b) who are deploying to a combat zone or on a contingency operation, but only on matters related to deployment.

Primary next of kin as defined in AR 600-8 for matters related to settlement of an estate of Active Army or Reserve service members who die while in a military duty status.


Types of cases where assistance can be provided:


Family Law

             * annulments                                                separation / divorce

             * custody                                                       * support (AR 608-99)

             * visitation                                                     * paternity

             * adoption                                                     * PINS (person in need of supervision) / JD (juvenile delinquent)



            * wills                                                              * advance medical directives

            * testamentary trusts                                   * designation of life insurance beneficiaries    


Real Property

            * leases                                                            * purchase

            * sale                                                                * warranty of habitability

            * landlord-tenant disputes                           * lease termination under SCRA (Servicemembers Civil Relief Act)


Personal Property

            * contracts                                                       * warranties



           * lending agreements                                     * Fair Debt Collection Act

           * Fair Credit Reporting Act                            * Unfair Acts & Deceptive Practices

           * SCRA (Servicemembers Civil Relief Act)             * USERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act)

           * bankruptcy                                                    * insurance disputes  


Civilian Administrative

            * name change for adult                               * driving privileges


Military Administrative

            * line of duty                                                    * financial liability investigations

            * OER/NCOER appeals                                    * bars to reenlistment

            * driving suspensions                                      * chapter actions

            * memoranda of reprimand                          * suspension of favorable action (flags)

            * Article 138 complaints                                 * compassionate reassignments

            * Qualitative Management Program            * security clearance revocations



            * SCRA stay in proceedings                            * defenses



            * real property tax                                           * personal property tax

            * federal income tax                                        * state income tax


Civilian Criminal Matters

            * traffic infractions                                          * violations

            * misdemeanors                                              * felonies



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