The Army claims program investigates, processes, adjudicates, and settles certain claims on behalf of and against the United States worldwide. This program works under the authority conferred by statutes, regulations, international and interagency agreements, and DoD directives. The Army claims program supports commanders by promoting the morale of Army personnel by compensating them for property damage suffered incident to service, facilitating successful operations, and promoting good will with the local population. In short, this program provides compensation for personal injury, wrongful death, or property damage caused by Army or DoD personnel.


Tort Claims:

A tort claim is an administrative claim filed against the U.S. government requesting compensation for property damage, personal injury, or death caused by the negligence of a government employee acting in the scope of their federal employment.

A valid tort claim consists of a written demand for a sum certain that is signed by a proper claimant and which alleges sufficient facts to allow the government to investigate the claim. A claim will be presented on a Standard Form (SF) 95. The claim must be filed no later than two years from the date the claim accrued, which is the date on which the claimant is aware of the injury and its cause. Property damage claims are limited to loss of, or damage to, tangible property. Compensation does not include consequential damages.


Personnel Claims:

The Military Personnel and Civilian Employees Claims Act allows claimants to file claims against the U.S. government for loss, damage, or destruction of personal property that occurs incident to the employee’s service.  Claims for quarters losses, losses of clothing and other items, and most vehicle losses are only compensable if caused by unusual occurrences.
The Fort Drum Claims office does not process personnel claims.  To file a personnel claim, including claims for damage to household goods, go to