EASY SAFETY STORAGE PRACTICESWays to safely store firearms:

  • Use a gunlock
  • Disassembling the gun and place in a lockbox/safe
  • Separately storing gun and ammunition

To prevent Overdose, store/dispose medication:

  • Take individually packaged pills
  • Throw out expired medication
  • Portion medication for the week and lock in a cabinet

Deter asphyxiation by reducing access to ligatures (i.e. ropes, cords, belts):

  • Use specialized bed sheets resistant to tearing
  • Purchase cordless appliances/electronics 

Substitute/hide everyday sharp objects:

  • Use knife covers and safes/locks
  • Keep tools locked in sheds

Avoid Chemicals/Poisons:

  • Purchase green/organic cleaning products or repellents that do not include toxic ingredients or pesticides
  • Add carbon monoxide detectors to the house

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