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All services military police explosive detection dogs work to clear areas of IEDs.   






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What’s new in DOD Law Enforcement

    Our four military services and five civilian agencies are working hard to implement the POST and the certification and commissioning examinations along with the other supporting programs associated with the program.  This program is very large in scope, whikle at the same time leaving each service and agency  responsible for their own operations. 

DODPOST Newletter

The OAC provides a quarterly newletter and is available for free download here:

DODPOSTC Newsletter Oct 2018 

DODPOSTC Newsletter Sep 2017

DODPOSTC Newsletter June 2017

DODPOSTC Newsletter Dec 2016

DODPOST provides the Standards 

    The DODPOST and its OAC provide the skeletal backbone to training and education standards.  These standards are enforced with a post academy examination that ensures all personnel involved in these critical duties are up to standard.  DODPOST provides terminal learning objectives amd allows services and agencies to develop their own enabling learning objectives.

National Decertification Index

Any DOD LEOs that are found to be undeserving of the title based on legal and/or senior leader punitive actions are entered on to the NDI in support of our civilian partners.  In this we hope to assist all city, county, state and federal LE agencies in not spending critical resources on personnel already found to be unfit for LE.