What is the DODPOST Commission?
Answer:  The Department of Defense Peace Officer Standards and Training (DOPOST) Commission is the group of senior leaders from all DOD military services law enforcement and DOD civilian police organizations that meet semi-annually to review and address issues common to DOD law enforcement. 

What is the Office of Accreditation and Credentialing?
Answer:  This is the action office for everything related to DODPOST.  The OAC was central to working with the military services and DOD civilian police agencies to establish training standards that were incorporated into the DOD standards.  Further, they work day-to-day to provide access to the DODPOST LEX and all its subordinate requirements like documenting and archiving service and agency input to those DODPOST standards. 

Who makes up the membership of the DODPOST Commission?
Answer:  US Air Force US Army US Marine Corps US Navy Defense Intelligence Agency Police Defense Logistics Agency Police National Geospatial Agency Police National Security Agency Police Pentagon Force Protection Agency

What is the difference between certification and accreditation?
Answer:   The term accreditation is used in group or institutional terms to certify (a school, college, or the like) as meeting all formal official requirements of academic excellence, curriculum, facilities, etc., whereas the term certification is used to label an individual as certified or meeting a standard. 


What does a DODPOST Certification mean for me as a law enforcement officer?
Answer:  DODPOST is now a part of the national and international Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) process guided through the International Association for Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) organization.

What does a DODPOST Certification mean for me as a criminal intelligence analyst?
Answer:  This certification is based on four (4) factors:  (1) DODPOST has completed a thorough curriculum review of the instruction used in training that IA and (2) The training is compete and follows minimum IA training requirements set forth in Guideline 3 and (3) The unit submits a written certification request to DODPOST for certification based on their mission requirements and finally (4) that the IA’s position description (PD) is in accordance with the PD 1805 standards. 

What are the requirements outlined in DOD Instruction 5525.15?
Answer:  Minimum 400 hours of LE training in all basic LE Academies (4.1) LEOs will not work LE without first meeting the DODPOST standards (4.2) Training will at a minimum cover LE topics outlined in Guideline 1 (3.3) Establish service/agency policy for DODPOST and any LEX failures (NDI) (6.1 e) Ensure coverage of Security Guard training topics outlined in Guideline 2 (4.4) Ensure coverage of Intel Analyst training topics outlined in Guideline 3 (3.4) Provide common LE Activity/Organizational Accreditation Standards within DOD Guideline 4 (3.7) Ensure FLETA Accreditation is a requirement at all your basic DOD LE Academies (3.6) Provide/share best practices with all DODPOST members (3.5) (via OAC and Newsletter) Establish and operate a LE Certified Instructor Program (6.2) Establish and operate a LE Field Training Officer (FTO) Program (6.3) Meet DODPOST annual in-service training requirements (6.4) Verify IA training meets DODPOST Guideline 3 standards (7.1 a) Verify their IA certification submissions to DODPOST meet the GS 1805 PD requirements (7.1)