Temporary lodging

The housing office does not coordinate temporary lodging. Please make reservations with the Army lodge and notify them if you will be bringing pets.

Military allowances


The TLA policy is for military personnel and the housing approval process is closely monitored. For more detailed information, please see a housing counselor.


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Before you PCS

Determine eligibility. Must be on a 3-year tour accompanied with command-sponsored dependents.

Fill out your housing application and email that, with a copy of your orders and any EFMP or medical requirements to . Please send only the housing portion of your EFMP status or medical needs, i.e., wheelchair accessibility. This MUST be done prior to arrival.

You will be placed on a wait list based on rank and family size.

Check with the PERSONAL PROPERTY PROCESSING OFFICE and MOVE.MIL to coordinate delivery of your belongings. 

MAKE RESERVATIONS FOR TEMPORARY LODGING, and be sure to notify them if you have a pet. Please be aware if you stay off post, there may be an extra fee charged at hotels for pets.

Make arrangements for your pets. Families are allowed up to two pets in housing. Dogs and cats only. No exotic animals. Your pet will need to have a European microchip, a USDA/veterinarian certification, and an up-to-date rabies vaccine. Contact the VETERINARY CLINIC and the airline for more information on prohibited breeds and customs.

Upon arrival

 Read the Housing Residents Handbook.

Attend Housing briefing, which will be scheduled for you.

Visit the lending closet, part of the Relocation Readiness Program, for items you may need while your HHG are in transit.

Prohibited Items

  • In accordance with IMCOM-E policy, please do not bring air conditioners of any kind, as they are not authorized in any of our units. Floor fans are highly encouraged.
  • Do not bring large appliances. All family units come equipped with washer, dryer, fridge, stove and dishwasher. Small appliances and TVs are ok to bring.
  • Per Army policy, no waterbeds, ceiling fans, chandeliers or trampolines are permitted.

Furnishings and appliances

Temporary loaner furniture

Please be aware housing units in Germany are smaller than homes in the U.S. and no government storage is provided once here. Non-temporary storage must be arranged BEFORE shipping household goods.

Single and unaccompanied Soldiers who will live in the barracks should not bring furniture or excessive household goods. Click here for more information.

Temporary or loaner furnishings are available for up to 90 days incoming and up to 60 days for outgoing personnel on and off post.

On-post housing has installed appliances. All on-post unaccompanied personnel (UPH) units are furnished with bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture, depending on the Service member's rank and building assignment. All UPH residents are issued a refrigerator.

Appliances and wardrobes are issued to off-post housing residents for the duration of their tour or tour extensions.

Please note: Most off-post German units have 220v, and many appliances are not compatible with the voltage. Transformers to convert the voltage from 220v to 110v can be purchased, but is not ideal in some cases.

All on-post housing units are equipped with both 110v and 220v outlets.