Want to start a home-based business?

Home Based Business, or HBBs, are operated by family members of the U.S. Army soldiers or civilians who provide a service to other U.S. forces members and affiliates. Family members stationed in Europe may want to work out of their home and try their hand at starting a business in or out of their government quarters. HBB rules are applicable and registration is required for teleworking, even if the corporate employer does not have a physical presence in Germany.

Examples of services are tutoring, singing and dancing lessons, accounting and tax services, word processing and similar skills. In addition, multi-level sales activities (i.e. Avon, Tupperware and Pampered Chef) are typical HBB activities.

Individuals may not operate an Home Based Business (HBB) in Government-owned or -leased quarters until they have received written approval from the Garrison Commander (GC). The HBB office will provide you with the documents that need to be provided and forms that need to be filled out in order to obtain the necessary approval. An individual who wishes to operate an HBB must submit the required documentation to the local Army Community Service (HBB) office at least 30 days before beginning operations.

Need to report an unauthorized business? Contact the Civilian Misconduct Office at 0611-143-548-1003, DSN 548-1003 or by email.


Utilize the Application Packet below for information and all the documents needed, for submission to Army Community Services (ACS) on Hainerberg.