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5/17/24, 2:45 PM Mainz Demonstration planned for May 18, from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. Follow the Garrison Wiesbaden Facebook for updates: U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden has been made aware of demonstration happening
in Mainz, May 18, 2024, from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The expected route of the demonstration is planned as follows: starting from
Mainz Central Station, the procession of demonstrators will proceed along
Bahnhofstraße then continue via Große Bleiche and Flachsmarktstraße to
Schusterstraße. From there, it will proceed along Alte Universitätsstraße to
Gutenbergplatz and then to Schillerplatz, where a closing rally will take
place at Oststeiner Hof.

Around 1000 participants are expected.

The Police of Rhineland-Palatinate has will be present.

Those who wish to travel near any of these locations should be prepared for
traffic disruptions throughout the day.

It is further recommended to...

- use alternate routes

- be aware of your surroundings

- not become involved in the protest or loiter in the area out of curiosity

Should you accidentally come across a protest:

- be courteous and do not argue with protestors

- calmly and quietly remove yourself from the area

- seek shelter if you cannot leave the area
2/2/24, 11:09 AM Upcoming installation exercise: Feb. 5–9, 2024 Conducting installation exercises are a requirement for the Garrison, intended to train and evaluate its emergency response capabilities across our community footprint.
USAG Wiesbaden access gates will remain open and operating as normal, but plan ahead for a potential increase in travel and wait times across the installation. All customer service offices will be open as normal.
Community members may see a larger than normal presence of emergency services personnel, equipment and activity across the installation, for the duration of the exercise.
1/24/24, 3:26 PM Heat and Hot Water outage on Westfallenstrasse in Aukamm housing Due to an unexpected break in a water line, there is a heat and hot water outage -- impacting 12 multifamily buildings on Westfalenstrasse in Aukamm. The utility provider, ESWE, is already working to fix the issue, with an estimated completion time of midnight. The Garrison team is contacting all families directly to provide support until the problem has been resolved.

For any related issues or concerns, please contact the Housing Division at 0611-143-548-4428, -4429, -4455 or -4433.
1/18/24, 6:38 PM ❗️UPDATE FOR JAN. 19, 2024 ❗️UPDATE FOR JAN. 19, 2024

⚠️ USAG Wiesbaden will have normal business operations tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 19, 2024. There will be no two-hour delay.

However, because Sembach has a scheduled two-hour delay, our local Vehicle Registration will only be able to process limited transactions in the central database until at least 1000. Customers with early morning appointments can come as a walk-in priority later in the day or reschedule their appointment through TimeTap.

The Stronger Together Cafe will be open normal operating hours.

Shuttle busses will run at normal times.

Supervisors can authorize telework or unscheduled leave for USAG Wiesbaden employees that live in remote locations where roads may be icy, and if road conditions prohibit employees from safely driving to work. Tenant units are encouraged to authorize delayed reporting, telework or unscheduled leave as needed.

As a reminder, the garrison does not determine closures for mission support partners, such as AAFES and the Wiesbaden Health Clinic. Please follow their social media accounts for additional updates.

For updates, continue to monitor the USAG Wiesbaden Facebook page, AFN Station 103.7 and the IMCOM Europe road conditions website at

Expect any updates to DoDEA school operations, to be conveyed through the school's official communication channels.
1/17/24, 4:23 PM INCLEMENT WEATHER AWARENESS FOR JAN. 18, 2024 -- UPDATE On Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024, a two-hour delayed reporting will be in effect for USAG Wiesbaden personnel, due to expected hazardous road conditions.

Garrison operations, to include all services that provide appointments and walk-in service, will begin two hours later.
The CDC, SAC and CYS services will open at 0900. Additionally, garrison shuttle bus services will start at 1000.

The Stronger Together Cafe will open from 0700-0830 for Soldiers. Rheinblick golf course will remain closed.

Personnel who work for tenant organizations need to check with their supervisors for unit-specific updates/policies.

Additionally, USAG Wiesbaden road condition status is now AMBER. Road conditions/restrictions pertain to government vehicles only.

Community members should travel with caution as road conditions may worsen. Roads may be impassable in places, and trees may collapse under the weight of the snow. Avoid unnecessary travel, and only drive with proper tires and de-icing equipment.

For updates, continue to monitor the USAG Wiesbaden Facebook page, AFN Station 103.7 and the IMCOM Europe road conditions website and

To verify or confirm an office or facility's operating hours, please contact them directly.


Expect any updates to DoDEA school operations, to be conveyed through the school's official communication channels.