We support the warfighter by providing a quality living environment for our Soldiers stationed at Fort Riley through the Army Barrack Management Program. 


Fort Riley Barracks rooms are fully furnished and are pet and smoke free. Cable television and high-speed internet service can be procured by the residents through local cable and internet providers. No Smoking or vaping in the barracks.

Don’t tamper with the smoke detectors. The Fire Dept. will be alerted.

No open flame are allowed. (Candles)

You are signed for everything in your room. If you break it or misplace it, you could be held responsible for it financially.

Do not change rooms with anyone else, as you are signed for it and responsible for that specific room.

No pets. If your roommate agrees you can have fish but a pet care plan must be in place for the fish for deployment purposes.

Lock Outs

If you get locked out of your room, your Brigade or Battalion Staff Duty have a soft and hard key to get into your room.

If your key stops working, breaks, or is lost during the business day you can come to bldg. 7305 to get a new one. After hours see Staff Duty to be let back in.


Contact your Barracks Manager/Unit Supply to set up a clearing appointment. Once cleared your Barracks Manager/Unit Supply will give you a termination memo to clear Finance and will be able to sign your installation clearing papers.

Unaccompanied Personnel housing BEQ/BOQ

Fort Riley’s BOQ/SEBQ building 27 is located on Historic Main Post off of Sheridan just past the Calvary Parade Field on Arnold Avenue. Each room is different and unique. There is a full size fridge and microwave/convection oven (no stove) in each room. The building is divided into 4 wings and there are 3 floors. Each wing has a washer and dryer in the basement. Each room has a corresponding storage room in the basement. There is covered parking garage behind the building. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed. Stop by bldg. 7305 for availability.

Barracks Furnishings

  • Furnishings in the barracks are the Barracks Managers responsibility.
  • The Barracks Managers serve as the point of contact for conducting one-for-one replacement with the Fort Riley Furnishings Management Office.
  • When furniture has to be replaced, the occupant must coordinate with the Barracks Manager and they will determine if the furniture is deficient before coordinating with the FMO for replacement.

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