The RCI program is the cornerstone of the Army‘s efforts to eliminate inadequate family housing in the U.S. and ensure adequate housing for the long term. Quality affordable housing is a key well-being issue and a significant contributor to retention and readiness. The RCI program is a vital component of the Army’s family housing program.

100% of all homes being QA inspected by certified government inspectors and to date over 2,500 homes inspected.

Fort Riley's housing partner is Corvias Property Management. Learn more at

  • An average of 50 - 60 residents are served each day at the self-help store.
  • Since 2006: 2,169 new homes constructed, 1,754 homes renovated.
  • 1,627 residential rooftop solar energy systems installed.
  • Since 2019, 122,009 work orders have been closed.
  • 76.5% CEL 2024 Satisfaction rating.



Fort Riley Home Inspectors

The Fort Riley RCI Branch team not only provides services for our service members and families as resident liaisons, but also we are the Garrison Commander's chief advisor to provide oversight of the partner's performance and the 50 year ground lease.









Our offices monitor the General Officer Quarters, Utilities, maintain Quality Assurance Standards in Fort Riley homes, ETP’s, Property Management and Development oversight agreements as well as major decisions, Municipal Services agreement and Incentive fees.

RCI is dedicated to building quality residential communities for Soldiers and their families. To accomplish this requires dedicated support from Government, Industry and Congress.