Mission Statement:
Our mission is to serve and support the Soldiers, Civilians, and Families of the Fort Jackson community with the highest level of customer service in support of Records Management, Freedom of Information/Privacy Act, Forms and Publications Management, Congressional and Official Mail and Distribution.

Welcome to the Administrative Services Branch (ASB)

Privacy Training
Privacy Training- Test222713
Postal Clerk/Orderly Training

Sample FOIA Request Letter
Freedom of Information and Privacy Act

Phone Numbers:

  • ASD/FOIA/PA/RM  803-751-5335
  • Official Mail Manager  803-751-4585
  • Supply Clerk  803-751-5115
  • Army Records Information Management System 803-751-5335
  • Creating Office Records Lists (ORLs) 803-751-5335
  • Need an ORL approved 803-751-5335
  • Need records from the Records Holding Area (RHA) 803-751-5335
  • Need to place records into the RHA 803-751-5335
  • Preparing a Privacy Act request 803-751-5335
  • Preparing a Freedom of Information Act request 803-751-5335

Regulations, policies, and procedures governing ASD Functions

Records Management AR 25-400-2, The Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS)

Freedom of Information AR 25-55, The Department of The Army Freedom Of Information Act Program

Privacy Act AR 340-21, The Army Privacy Program

Forms and Publication AR 25-30, THE ARMY PUBLISHING PROGRAM

Official Mail and Distribution Management DoD 4525.8-M, DoD Official Mail Manual AR 25-51, Official Mail and Distribution Management

 Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act requests.