Vehicle Registration Out Processing

Vehicle Registration Tips

  • To clear you must SHIP/SELL/or SCRAP all your vehicles/motorcycles
  • Bring all copies of HHG showing motorcycle in shipment
  • Shipping a car commercially you must have a copy of your shipping documents.
  • To sell a vehicle: The seller must get a safety inspection within 30 days. The buyer should call vehicle registration at 637-7820 or 637-7822
  • To junk a vehicle, come to vehicle registration to get the paperwork. Clearing will only be allowed after the vehicle is turned in.
  • To ship contact the Vehicle Processing Center, 634-7760
  • PCSing within Europe, you must turn in your cover plates, and Temporary AFI plates will be issued to drive across Europe.
  • Shipping a Vehicle Government: Make an appointment online at For additional information contact 634-7760.
  • On the day of your appointment the vehicle must be cleaned inside and out to include the trunk under the spare tire and the air filter. Any dirt will result in failure to pass.
  • Vehicle must have less than ¼ tank of gas, anything over will fail.
  • There can not be any fluid leaks.
  • Only floor mats, baby seat, first aid kit, warning triangle can be shipped inside the vehicle.
  • Italian cover plates must be returned or a lost license plate statement from the SETAF Carabinieri.