Advance Pay

  • Authorized to all married soldiers during PCS.
  • DD form 2560,leave form, copy of orders.
  • Only one month authorized at losing station.
  • Pay advance amount is calculated as Base Pay minus all  taxes and recurring deductions on LES.
  • Soldiers in the rank SGT and above may sign for their own  first one (1) month of pay advance.
  • Soldiers in the rank of E-4 and below are required their  Commander’s signature.
  • Prorated for 12 months.

DLA w/ Dependents

  • Not authorized if SM has Government Travel Card
  • 1 copy of orders/amendments or revoked , DA 31 (approved),  and flight itinerary for dependents.
  • Must settle travel at gaining station to avoid collection in  relation to PCS move.
  • PCS orders must state that “SM is authorized to relocate  dependents to gaining station at government expense,” and  the names of dependents MUST be listed on orders.
  • If not requested 10 working days from final out date, it will  NOT be payable until arrival at gaining station.
  • Request form available upon initial issue of clearing papers.


  • Ten (10) days authorized when clearing economy quarters; Three (3) days authorized when clearing government  quarters.
  • Used to partially reimburse a soldier for extra expenses that occur when occupying temporary lodging OCONUS.
  • Economy TLA paperwork handled by soldier. SNA, invoice, and housing memo brought to Customer Service (bldg 393).
  • Ederle Inn paperwork handled by the hotel through housing.

Misc Pay Entitlements


  • OHA STOPS on the day that is on the DD Form 2367 received from housing. This should be the last day you lived at the  residence.
  • COLA stops on the day prior to your actual departure from the duty station.
  • SM must fill out DA Form 5960 form for In-transit entitlements during final out appointment. Allows payment of BAH during  terminal leave)

Airborne Hazardous Duty Pay

  • Entitlement will be stopped a day prior to departure.

Documents to bring to Final Out Appointment

  • Clearing papers showing all other agencies cleared (Finance, Personnel and CPF are the last three stations).
  • One copy of PCS orders (Include any amendments and  revocation of orders).
  • One copy of approved DA form 31 (Leave form).
  • Termination letter from housing (gov’t quarters).
  • Copy of OHA termination form with effective date.
  • Dependents flight itinerary when applicable.