ACS: Two Key Programs

Relocation Readiness

Waiting Families Program

  • Needs Assessment
  • Provides support and services to geographically separated Families
  • Provides local information to geographically separated Families
  • ACS Mobilization and Deployment 634-7500

ACS: Preparing to PCS

  • OHA management
  • Spending plans
  • Account for income and entitlement changes
  • PCS leave
    • Establishing a new household
    • Cost of household items, setup fees, renting vs. buying
  • Know what your credit says about you!
    • Check reports for free at
    • Protect against identity theft with free active duty alert valid for 1 year
    • Visit ACS for a free FICO credit score and for help with improving your credit standing

EFMP: Requirements for Updating

You must visit the EFMP ACS Office to Out-Process

  • If a Family Member is enrolled in EFMP, a copy of your orders is  needed.
  • If enrolled, a Needs Assessment will be completed quickly and we will  connect you to the gaining installation.
  • While in Transition: Hand-carry the EFM’s medical and  educational documents; hand carry medication necessary for  several months.
  • Special Housing Needs: Request assistance from EFMP  prior to departure from your losing installation.
  • EFMP Updates:
    • Medical enrollments must be updated every three years or if the  condition changes.
    • Educational enrollments must be updated every year.

EFMP: Relocating to Another Overseas Location

Special Education Needs: For Non DoDDs school options  you may want to research to find the school which best fits  your child’s needs. For this and DoDDs information, visit  USAG-Italy school liaison officer.

Command Sponsorship Process:

  • ALL SOLDIERS: The Command Sponsorship screening,  DA5888 must be completed if you are remaining in Vicenza, or  moving to overseas installations, including Alaska or Hawaii.
    • EFMP ACS office may facilitate the DA5888.