Utilizing Defense Personal Property System (DPS)

Proceed to www.Militaryonesource.mil to register for a DPS account. Please contact our office if any assistance is required.

Pack and Pickup Dates

For planning purposes, to secure the dates you wish for shipments, Please contact our office as soon as you receive your orders.

New Lithium Battery Requirement

Shipping Wine and Alcohol Home

Shipping Motorcycles.

Customs and Agriculture

If your shipment is returning to the United States, it must got through a Customs and Agriculture check.  The Agriculture Inspection Certificate will walk you through what is prohibited or restricted for entry into the United States for Customs concerns.  Also there is a form to list potential carriers of unwanted pests back into the country.  It is important that you list items that are primarily stored outdoors for the Inspector to check prior to pack-up.  Please fill out the packet in its entirety and do not hesitate to reach out if there are questions.