• Audiology- Must be a Class 1 on MEDPROS
  • Soldier Readiness- Must Be MRC 1, be up to date on all required Immunizations, Vision screening, HIV draw, Behavioral Health, Periodic Health Assessment, and Post Deployment Health Reassessment.
  • Soldiers will not be cleared until PHA or PDHRA appointment is made.  Part 1 must be completed online prior to booking an appointment.


  • Can start Separation Physical up to 3 months before final out.
  • May start Separation Physical up to 6 months before final out if applying for early VA Benefits.
  • See Soldier Medical Readiness to start the physical


  • Service Members and Dependents 18 years and older must request a copy of their own Medical Records due to the Privacy Act.
  • Service Members and Dependents must bring a copy of orders upon PCS to or PCS from Italy and fill out DA Form 877 in order to have Medical Records shipped to or from OCONUS and CONUS locations.
  • Soldiers separating from the Army receive a copy of their Medical Record, not the original. Let the Medical Records department know three months in advance.



DSN: 636-9062
CIV: 0444-61-9062
Need a copy of orders, and clearing papers.