School Support Services

  • Assist you and your child transition to new school/installation
  • Regulation 608-101 requires Soldiers to clear SLO
  • Assists families in connecting with SLOs at the sponsor’s gaining unit.

SSS: Students’ Challenges

  • Leaving friends and making new friends
  • Adjusting and fitting in
  • Repeating courses
  • Finding their way around
  • Credit being accepted for graduation
  • Confusion on new schedule
  • Grades
  • New School procedure (bus stop, lunch schedule, ID cards)
  • Extracurricular offerings
  • Have someone to eat lunch with

SSS: Withdrawal Procedures for Sure Start – 12th Grade Students

  • Notify school registrar’s office once you have received an  estimated departure date.
  • Complete withdraw request and provide a copy of the  Sponsor’s PCS orders at least 2 weeks prior to departure.
  • Ensure student has followed proper withdrawal process of  the school to include:
    • Return ID/library card. Clear library. Return all books (library  and text) and school material calculators, computers, cameras,  all electronic equipment etc)
    • Clear all charges and fines
    • Clear Nurse's and attendance office
    • Clear any extracurricular activities (return equipment and clean  uniforms to sport coaches and ROTC)
    • Clear AAFES Horizon Student Meal Program
    • Ensure proper clearing through Child, Youth & School  Services - Parent Central Services – Office 42
    • Clear School Support Services – Office 43
    • Contact the School Liaison Officer when you arrive at new  installation
    • Enroll your children upon arrival at your new duty stations.

SSS: Helpful Links