Shipping alcohol is not an automatic entitlement.  There are rules that need to be followed to successfully take your collection to the next duty station with you.  Please do your research and prior coordination before your appointment with the Transportation Office.  If you do not have all permits and paperwork filled out prior to your counseling appointment you will not be permitted to add the alcohol at a later date.

You must be in possession of the alcohol prior to the orders being issued.  You are not authorized to purchase additional beverages prior to shipment if you orders have been issued.

Be aware that if all permits and requirements are met prior to your pickup, the individual moving company can still decide not to ship certain things.  Things that may cause a liability issue or damages will be up to the carrier to decide.

You must get permission from the destination State where you are going to.  They must approve your importation of alcohol into their State.  This is done through the individual State Alcohol Beverage Control boards.

If any permits, fees, fines, or tariffs must be paid to the destination State, we must have PROOF of payment received.  This comes in the form of the returned documents with the State’s approval on them.  Personal Wine/Alcohol collections are NOT considered by Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to be household goods or personal effects.  They are NOT eligible for duty-free entry into the United States.

Prior to or after delivery you may be charged duties or fees related to the import process, tariffs, customs fees.  The military will not pay nor reimburse you for these fees. Information on possible fees can be found on the CBP websiteSearch “Military Wine Collection” in the search bar on this site. 



Upon confirmation of the shipment, you must inform the Pre-Move inspector at the time of your Survey if there is  intent to ship any of the following:  BEER, CHAMPAGNE AND SPARKLING WINE.  Due to liability issues, they may not authorize you to ship carbonated beverages without paperwork signed by the owner of the property.

A company will not be penalized for refusing to ship items that cause a liability issue.

Please have three (3) copies of all permits, inventories, and customs clearance documents with on hand.  This will ensure you have a copy, and if the Transportation Company needs one you can provide that to them.

If the paperwork is not provided at time of counseling with the Transportation office, your alcohol will NOT be shipped.  Additionally, you must sign the Customs POA that gives the Customs Broker the ability to fix any necessary documents that deal with the alcohol in your shipment at the port of entry into the United States.

Please keep in mind your shipment will be placed in regular shipping containers.  NOT CLIMATE CONTROLLED.  The estimated transit time of 45-60 days is normal for sea travel.  Your goods can be exposed to extreme temperatures.  This can cause items to freeze, explode, or spoil.  Claims liability is limited to breakage due to mishandling.


<14% ALCOHOL $0.21/750ml Bottle

14-20% ALCOHOL $0.31/750ml Bottle

21-24% ALCOHOL $0.62/750ml Bottle

Naturally Sparkling $0.67/750ml Bottle

Beer  (Regular Rate) $0.05/12 oz. Can