In the event you cannot come into the office, please email or call us. You must posses a copy of your official orders to schedule an appointment with our office. You may come earlier to ask questions but nothing officially can be processed until the issuance of orders.


Pack and Pickup Dates

For planning purposes, to secure the dates you wish for shipments, look at visiting the office at least 30 days prior to schedule your appointment to ensure you get the dates you request.


Weight Estimation

You can go to to obtain a good estimate of the total weight of the property you own before shipping.  Utilizing this free tool may also prevent excess costs due to shipping too much weight.



Please go to WWW.MOVE.MIL, where you can find your entitlements and a wide variety of products to help you plan your move.


Shipping Wine and Alcohol Home


Shipping Motorcyles, Small Motorized Vehicles, Gondolas


Utilizing DPS

Proceed to WWW.MOVE.MIL to register for a DPS account.  Besides the helpful information obtained, this is where you will process the application to create your shipment.  If you have questions or concerns, come to our office and ask for assistance.  Once this step is complete, you can schedule your counseling appointment to secure the dates you wish for your property pickup.


Quality Control

Quality Control (QC) plays an important role as the arbitrator between you and the moving company.  If there are any issues during pickup, please contact them at commercial +39 331-689-2538; 335-751-8001; 331-689-2525; or 331-689-2532


Traveling with Pets

  • Flight arrangements for your pets are the Service Member’s responsibility, ensure you inform CTO that you have a pet for guidelines when you book your ticket.
  • Contact your Veterinarian for the required documentation for your pet.
  • Airlines restrict pets by weight limitations and embargo pets when temperatures at takeoff are less than 45°or greater  than 85°.
  • For further assistance, contact Contracting Officer Technical Representative for Official Travel at 634 6920.


Customs and Agriculture

If your shipment is returning to the Continental United States, it must got through a Customs and Agriculture check.  The Agriculture Inspection Certificate will walk you through what is prohibited or restricted for entry into the United States for Customs concerns.  Also there is a form to list potential carriers of unwanted pests back into the country.  It is important that you list items that are primarily stored outdoors for the Inspector to check prior to pack-up.   Please fill out the packet in its entirety and do not hesitate to reach out if there are questions.